We offer training and consulting in Data Science.

The most innovative companies are developing new capabilities in business analytics and artificial intelligence. The World Economic Forum projects that 150 million new Data-AI related jobs will be created in the next two years, and McKinsey projects that AI technologies will deliver an additional $13 trillion to global GDP by 2030.

You need to understand the vocabulary, concepts, and models of Data Science to generate bottom-line results for your company.

We are here to help.

Data Science for Professionals

Data-Driven Transformation

Data Science is rapidly transforming customer service, manufacturing, finance, accounting, procurement, transportation, logistics, insurance, engineering, telecommunications, energy, healthcare, taxation, and many other domains. Quant AI can help you find new ways to be more data-driven and transform your business.

Past project include:

  • six-month program to transform corporate governance at a leading multinational;

  • workshop for 90 managers from around the world for a multinational in Munich;

  • brainstorming retreat for C-suite officers of a major European manufacturer;

  • technology assessment for a professional association;

  • feasibility review for a new, data-driven, subscription-based, business model;

  • three-year strategic plan to develop best-in-class capabilities in Data Science.