Executive education and consulting

The most innovative companies around the world are developing new capabilities in business analytics, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence. McKinsey projects that these technologies will deliver an additional $13 trillion to global GDP by 2030.

Understanding Data Science is now critical for many professionals in the digital age. New computational skillsets and mindsets are necessary to transform big data into real-world, bottom-line results. That is true across many domains – including finance, manufacturing, logistics, supply-chain, engineering, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare and others.

    • For a fast and comprehensive introduction to Data Science, join us at EPFL in Lausanne Switzerland for Data Science for Managers. If you can fit the DSFM program into your schedule and travel to Lausanne, then a 2-day Fast Track or a 5-day Bootcamp might be the best option for you.

See the DSFM website for more information.

    • For a dedicated program that is customized to yor needs and delivered onsite at your location, contact us for more information about onsite training and consulting by Quant AI. If you have 10 persons or more needing training - or you have a top-management team that needs to work through one-on-questions in a confidential setting - then we can also arrange a private engagement with your company.

Email us at info@quant.ai for more information.

Data Science for Managers at EPFL

Join us at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne for Data Science for Managers. Taught by Professors from the EPFL College of Management of Technology, the DSFM bootcamp offers a balance of theory and practical experience, with a combination of lectures, demonstrations, case studies, visualizations, programming exercises, and applied problem solving.

You will quickly learn the tools and vocabulary that you need to collaborate with technical teams and separate AI-reality from AI-hype.

Please visit DSFM to learn more

Onsite Training and Consulting

Custom training and consulting by Quant AI can help executives, managers, and professionals understand when Machine Learning works, and when it does not. You will learn to spot new opportunities for your company to adopt data-driven prediction models – a promising path for advancing your career.

Although Quant AI projects are typically confidential, we can summarize to say that in the last year we have organized:

    • A training event for 90+ managers in Munich;
    • An executive retreat with the CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, and CTO;
    • A technology education program for a professional association;

Please email info@quant.ai to learn more