The most innovative companies around the world are developing capabilities in business analytics, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence. McKinsey projects that these technologies will deliver an additional $13 trillion to global GDP by 2030.

Data Science will transform many domains – including manufacturing, supply-chain, logistics, finance, engineering, telecommunications, transportation, energy, healthcare, transfer pricing, FX hedging, tax optimization, and many others. You need to understand the vocabulary, concepts, and models of Data Science to realize bottom-line results in each of these domains for your business.

Quant AI provides Professional Training for managers and domain experts at multiple levels of your organization; Quant AI also consults with senior executives on the development of Data-Driven Strategies for the digital transformation of your business.

Professional Training

If you live in Europe, the Data Science for Managers program at EPFL may be the right option for you. instructors teach a 5-day Bootcamp, a 2-day Fast Track, and several 1-day Workshops at EPFL.

More about the DSFM program at EPFL

If you live in the United States, the Data Science for Managers program at the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) may be the right option for you. Co-founded by Microsoft, the University of Washington, and Tsinghua University in China, GIX collaborates with to teach students in the state-of-the-art Steve Ballmer building in Bellevue, WA.

More about the DSFM program at GIX

If you need a dedicated program – delivered directly to your company onsite or by Zoom – then Quant AI can also customize a DSFM course (or multiple courses) for your specific needs. A customized program also allows your employees to engage with real challenges, or brainstorm on real projects, in a confidential setting. If you have 10 individuals or more, then a direct program from Quant AI may also be more cost-effective than a DSFM course at EPFL or GIX.

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The challenges and opportunities of AI are driving companies to rethink their strategic plan.

In an age when big data wins over personal opinion, companies need trusted advice in developing new strategies that take advantage of the Data Science revolution. Clients often start out needing Professional Training from Quant AI, but then continue to work with Quant AI identify specific ways Big Data and Machine Learning can help their business.

Consulting projects with Quant AI are highly confidential, but in general terms we have organized in the last year:

    • a development day for 90+ high-level managers in Munich;
    • an executive retreat with the CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, and CTO of a major European manufacturer;
    • a technology review for a professional association;
    • a six-month consulting engagement for one of the top-10 manufacturers in Switzerland.

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