2 Day Fast Track

Gain a comprehensive overview of Data Science.

Taught onsite at your company, the Fast Track summarizes the core concepts and methods of Data Science and then explores the strategy of digital transformation through specific examples, case studies, and group discussions.. The program helps executives, managers, engineers, analysts, and other professionals understand when AI works - and when it does not.

Very complete training. Highly recommended. 5 stars!

Vladimiro Borsi, Viseca Card Services

Foundational concepts:

      • Exploratory data analysis

      • Visualization & graphing

      • Bias-variance tradeoff

      • Model evaluation and comparison

      • Machine learning methods

      • Text analysis and topic modeling

      • Neural networks

      • Reinforcement learning

Strategic planning:

      • Data-driven business models

      • Big Data

      • Cloud Computing

      • Data capture

      • Cost/benefit tradeoffs

      • Digital transformation

      • Culture and organization

      • Strategic human capital

Course Outline

In good courses you learn new concepts, in exceptional ones you not only learn, but you just admire how well it was designed, organized and executed. The take home materials are just great, with theory, demonstrations, and extremely well documented Jupyter notebooks ready to execute and review any time after the course.

Prof. Younge has created a true pearl of pedagogy in a field still unexplored by most managers and decision takers. He opens wide the black box of machine learning and AI mystique, showing us what's inside, with rigor, foresight, clarity, pragmatism and humor, and gives us the so-needed impulse to roll up our sleeves and just start doing it !

-- Stevan Klaas, Lead Advisor to the CEO